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Marijuana Rehab in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Marijuana Rehab

Rehabilitation for someone suffering from a substance abuse issue is a lifeline. At Landmark Recovery of Las Vegas, we want everyone to have the ability to seize their destiny and rise above the sum of their circumstances into a gratifying life they fully control.

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals will see you through the entire process from filling out paperwork all the way to detox, treatment, and rehab. The full, holistic treatment process is evidence-based, meaning we cover all aspects of addiction (including the possible origins of it) and use the best treatment plans available to us.

The rehabilitation process

Our rehabilitation plan for those dealing with a substance use disorder follows our full continuum of care. We offer a medically assisted detox process at our facilities so we can manage any effects of withdrawal you may have. If your substance abuse is severe enough, we offer residential treatment so we can supervise your withdrawal and give you the finest care possible, so you come out with the best results achievable.

At Landmark, we also offer inpatient and outpatient programs tailored to your needs as an individual struggling with marijuana. While marijuana might not carry the same risks and effects as, say, an opioid, we are fully prepared to tackle any speedbump on the road to recovery. Once you leave our facility, we offer a robust and dedicated alumni system that includes alumni who we’ve even brought on our team to help optimize our organization for the best treatment plans possible.

We value personal experience and growth. While being treated for your substance use disorder, you will have access to a variety of therapeutic and counseling options where your personal journey and experiences are valued. Your recovery experience won’t end once you leave Landmark; we believe in recovery being a lifelong learning process, which is why we maintain our alumni program and offer education programs to encourage lasting recovery. Rehab can be a tough thing to work through. Here at Landmark, we’re prepared to help you see the journey to the end.

Marijuana use in Las Vegas and Nevada

Marijuana is very easy to get into due to its relative accessibility pretty much anywhere, including Nevada where it’s legal to purchase and use recreationally. Marijuana can be harmful when used extensively over a long period of time. Marijuana is the most used drug around the world—up to 9% of users may develop a dependence on the drug.

In 2019, almost 15% of adults were using marijuana regularly in Nevada. Around 9% of admissions at Nevada treatment centers listed weed as their primary reason for seeking help. 32% of young adults in Nevada reported using marijuana in a month.

While marijuana is perfectly legal in many states, it’s a reasonable statement to say that not everything is good for us without moderation or abstinence. We encourage a drug-free lifestyle here at Landmark because it removes the ability for bad behaviors to become a fallback over time.

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If you’re looking for a successful path to recovery from dependence on marijuana, Landmark has just what you need. Call us at 725-217-9910 to learn what steps you can take to lead a life free from substance abuse. We want to see as many people live a healthy lifestyle free from addiction, and that starts with ensuring you are, too.

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